Parkour is moving freely and rapidly through an environment, negotiating obstacles by running, jumping, and climbing. Freerunning is the addition of personalized or “acrobatic” movements to that activity.

It tears down the walls we see around us every day. Not just physical walls, which are no longer a barrier but the mental walls. You never have to wonder what’s on the other side of that wall. Plus, you don’t need specialized equipment or a gym membership. You’re free to use your whole body the way it was created to be used in any environment you are in or choose.

Yes and no. Sport typically requires a set number of rules, a winner and a loser. When Tracers compete it could be considered a sport. However, most tracers are against this concept as rules tend to limit you while Parkour is the expression of freedom through physical activity.

A good pair of shoes, some comfortable clothes and a positive attitude.

Pedro and Shifer have been training for roughly 11 years. It’s important to remember to have a good time when learning something new. You don’t need to play Futbol like Ronaldo, dribble like Stephen Curry to enjoy basketball or fight like McGregor to enjoy sparring. Same thing with Parkour. You’ll get there.

As far as we are concerned there are none because we respect our capabilities, our bodies and our surroundings. Parkour is an extreme sport and there are safer ways of getting thrills if you’re reckless. You SHOULD NOT take up this sport if you’re going to be reckless and will not follow the correct technique and check your environment for safety.

Because we have taken 11 years of experience and condensed it into a 90 Day Program. The knowledge in that 90 day program will put you light years ahead of someone who is going through a “trial and error” approach. Plus, those videos are at your disposal, if you have a smart phone with an internet connection, wherever you are in the world. Pick a spot, pick a program and start moving.